What is Anxiety?
Anxiety can take many forms, such as constant worrying, specific fears, or  feelings of panic.  Anxiety can be exhausting and limiting. Anxiety also takes a physical toll as our bodies are in a constant state of tension. That tension makes it challenging to relax and rest and even to get the sleep needed to stay healthy. Often our lifestyles are stressful and contribute to unhealthy patterns.
How can Counseling Help?
Counseling can be very helpful in finding ways  to address the underlying belief systems that contribute to our anxiety. It is important to find ways to reframe the way we see situations. There are also useful techniques for learning to calm and relax our bodies and minds.
How can Neurofeedback Help?
Anxiety impacts how the brain functions. Neurofeedback can help your brain learn how to become more flexible, able to easily move from being alert to being more relaxed. It can also help to improve the quaility of sleep. A brain map can show how and where the brain is over-aroused, and then training can address those issues.