About Us
Katherine Thorn, LCPC BCN
As a Licensed Professional Counselor with over twenty years of experience, I have helped many people navigate through difficult situations, such as depression, separation & divorce, stress, and loss. It is wonderful to see people develop more satisfying relationships, better communication and problem-solving skills, and improved self-esteem and confidence.
I offer both counseling and neurotherapy as tools to help people acheive their goals. While I believe in the power of therapy to help people improve their lives, I also think that brain functioning is an important piece to consider. I want to support people in finding and using the approaches that work for them.
As a counselor, I am especially good at helping people who are feeling lost, empty, stressed, and overwhelmed. I believe our feelings are the best guide to set a course for a more satisfying and empowered life. As your ally and advocate, I can help you to learn to listen to your feelings, take care of yourself, find your inner strengths, and discover solutions. I love helping people to figure out what they want and then making those desires into realities. I am a gentle, attentive, and respectful therapist. I will listen and also engage with you. I am an objective, neutral, and open person who wants to hear your side of a story. Talking to someone who is supportive and nonjudgmental can be a rare occurance. Friends and family sometimes want to give advice or tell you what to do. As a good therapist, I want to listen and help you find your own answers.
I also am trained and board certifed in neurofeedback. (Click button here for more information about neurofeedback.)  I added this treatment option as an additional way to help people meet their goals. Improving brain function facilitates growth and change.


Professional Membership
and Training

  • Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapist Society, 1999-present
  • Mental Health Counselors Association, 1999-present
  • Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors, 2001-present
  • LPC Virginia State License #0701003301 (January 2002)
  • Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor Training (May 2004)
  • Certified Group Psychotherapist by AGPA (December 2004)
  • Grief Recovery Specialist Training (October 2005)
  • LCPC Maryland license #LC5320 (September 2013)
  • Board Certified in Neurofeedback BCIA #E5716 December 2014
Post graduate classes, Johns Hopkins University, June 1999 through
May 2001, 12 credit hours, including Diagnosis and Treatment Planning,
Cross-Cultural Counseling, and Gender Issues in Counseling.

M.A., Community Counseling, University of Maryland, 1992, 4.0 GPA

B.A., Psychology/Business, University of Maryland, 1988, Summa Cum