Wellness in Mind
is here to help.
Sometimes even everyday tasks are challenging. Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed. Sometimes it all feels like too much. If this is how you you feel, this is the time to make some changes. Your life can be better and every day can be easier. Call us if you are:
  • Feeling down
  • Stressed out
  • Having trouble with focus, concentration, or memory
 We have a unique set of tools that can help you change , even if other methods haven't worked.
Feeling Down?
Stressed Out?
Trouble Focusing?
Do you feel bad about yourself? Do you feel empty, lonely, or lost. Are you going through a difficult transistion, like a break-up or loss? If so, you may benefit from what we have to offer. You may want to talk through your situation to find support and to figure out how to feel better. We offer individual and couples counseling. We also offer support groups and workshops on topics that could be helpful, like dealing with depression and improving self-esteem. Neurofeedback could also be a way to help improve your mood.
Are you a constant worrier? Are you having panic attacks? Do you usually feel completely overwhelmed? Do you wish that socializing were easier? If so, you may want to look at how you experience and deal with anxiety. Counseling can help you figure out how to manage and reduce your stress and give you the tools to take care of yourself. You may also benefit from our support groups and workshops on dealing with anxiety. Neurofeedback could also help to reduce your anxiety.
Is it hard to complete tasks, like reading a book or doing homework? Do you feel scattered and unable to accomplish what you wish? Do you forget things and have a hard time juggling everything?  These issues of paying attention and concentrating can be frustrating, and can lead to other problems. We can help you develop skills and strategies to be more productive and successful. Neurofeedback and also help with focus, concentration and memory.
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Our Mission:
At Wellness in Mind we seek to empower people to improve their mental health and optimize their mental functioning by:
  • Providing competent and compassionate counseling services to individuals, couples, and groups.
  • Providing neurofeedback training to improve brain function.
  • Providing support groups and workshops that enlighten, inspire, and help people change and grow.
  • Collaborating with a variety of other health professionals to treat the whole person.

Our Philosophy:

At Wellness in Mind we:
  • View each client as an individual, recognizing that all of us have our own unique strengths, challenges, and concerns.
  • Believe that a relationship built on trust and respect is essential for healing, growth, and change.
  • Understand that taking steps to learn and grow takes courage. We will support you in finding the tools and strategies to achieve your goals and desires.
  • Are open to multiple approaches to healing. We have a network of skilled providers we collaborate with, such as nutritionists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and psychitrists.
  • Use evidence-based practices and adhere to the highest standards of our profession in order to always provide you with the best quality services.